08 - 19 - 2009

I am alive and well in case anyone was wondering. My life has changed quite a bit over the last 3 years. I am now currently going to school for my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. You can check out some of my graphic design projects and 3d models on my other website: 


Also, I updated the map projects page (Lost In Iraq map specifically) with some reviews and ratings from 3 of the popular file download sites.


06 - 30 - 2006

Here are some photos from the recent flooding that hit the area from all the heavy rains up north. This was Pottstown's 2nd highest flood waters in it's history. The highest, was from Hurricane Agnus in 1972.

2006 Flood - Pottstown PA

12 - 30 - 2005

And we're back. Sorry for the slight interruption there, the server host migrated to a new server and everything did not go to plan. We're back online now, That is all.



06 - 05 - 2005

Light Saber Video  (Right Click & Save As To Save To Your Computer)

This is my first attempt at using the Rotoscoping method of incorporating a Light Saber effect over existing video. My son Steven, is using a lightsaber toy from Toy's R Us. I plan on doing another but with a fight scene and with a skinnier more realistic looking blade. Running time 1 min 18 sec. Files Size:  17.4 MB.


01 - 08 - 2005

de_tiger_soc for Counter-Strike : Source released!

My first Source port of a Team Fortress Classic map. You might remember the TFC map, Tiger? Killer fun command point map. Now its a Counter-Strike : Source map, that's right, a bomb defuse map at that! Blow up the lighthouse, or the lighthouse control room and kill someone will ya?


12 - 31 - 2004

The First Two Half-Life 2 Mapping Tutorials Posted.

I have started creating and posting my Half-Life 2 mapping tutorials. Today I added two. One will show you how to create a new texture to convert to a .VTF material for use in the Hammer editor and in game, the other will show you how to convert a .VTF material into a .TGA texture to edit in Photoshop.


07 - 19 - 2004

DC_Lost_In_Iraq Released!

I've finally released my Lost In Iraq map for DesertCombat mod. The released version includes both Conquest and Capture The Flag modes. You can download it from the DOWNLOADS section  or check out some screenshots from the PROJECTS button on the left.


07 - 17 - 2004

New Tutorial for Battlefield Mapping Posted - DC to DCX Map Conversion

I have written another detailed tutorial with pictures on how to convert your DesertCombat map to DC_Extended. Check it out.


06 - 15 - 2004

New Tutorial for Battlefield Mapping Posted - Adding Custom Models

I have written another detailed tutorial with pictures on how to add custom mod objects such as buildings to your map. In the tutorial, we added a Road To Rome building to a DesertCombat map. Enjoy!

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