Map Projects

01 - 08 - 05

de_tiger_soc Released!

de_tiger_soc  for  Counter-Strike: Source.

I took the original Team Fortress Classic map, Tiger, and ported it over to Counter-Strike: Source. Making this a bomb defuse map was fun. There are two targets, the Lighthouse and the Lighthouse Control Room. Original map design for TFC was done by Cynic. I tried to contact him by email but it came back un-deliverable. Click the image below for screenshots and the link to download.

Click Here For Screenshots

07 - 19 - 04

Lost In Iraq Released!

Lost In Iraq  for  the DesertCombat mod. Battlefield 1942 is required to play DC.

After many hours and a few playtests, I've decided to release the map to the public. This release includes both Conquest and Capture The Flag modes. The only custom textures, are some shotty roads painted on the ground and I have re-skinned the hummers and the green camo tents now have a sand color.

Also included in the installer, is the DCX file required to play Lost In Iraq in the DC_Extended mod. Both Conquest and Capture The Flag modes work in DCX. This map will not work however, if you do not have the DesertCombat verison installed as well.

Click Here For Screenshots

Click here to download the map!  ~  37 MB